Friday, December 18, 2009

Do you need to invest or save your money?

Yes, definitely!

1. You need money to face emergency; you don't know for sure how long you can work or generate money for yourself & your loved ones. This is a really a disadvantage if your current work does not offer pension to help you surviving your golden age.

2.The changes in money value due to your country's inflation rates, interest rates, general economy; can the RM1,000 you have today buy the same thing you wish to buy say ten years from now or what will be the cost of your children's education in future?

3. You plan to do something significant and meaningful for yourself like getting married, travelling, pursuing a postgraduate degree, performing Haj or Umrah for the muslims, buying properties or a new car.

4. You want to create more value to the money you've owned or you've generated all this while. At present, you save your money in banks' accounts which only give you 2%-3% return and your money in EPF only gives you abut 5% return or a government unit trust that gives you 8% return on the average. Is this worthwhile? Remember how you sweat profusely to get all the money,so, isn't it wiser for you to keep your money in an "investment scheme" that can give you more than 10% or up to 20% return?

So how are you going to tackle those issues?

You need to use an "investment scheme" that can help you to resolve those issues. A scheme that can withstand the fluctuations in general economy, inflation rates, & interest rates. A scheme that is managed by a solid & strong company and credible fund managers. So, think of PUBLIC BANK's PUBLIC MUTUAL to help you growing your precious money.


1. It's the number one private unit trust company in Malaysia, the largest in the industry with a total net asset value of RM23.5, the industry's leader that holds more than 40% of market share.

2. A subsidiary of Public Bank, the best local bank with vast resources.

3. The most awarded unit trust management company, having received 134 industry awards since 1999.

4. An old player in this industry with 28 years experience.

What does "PUBLIC MUTUAL" offer to help you growing your money?

There are various unit trust funds for you to choose from. A unit trust fund is something like ASB or ASN managed by our government. Public Mutual's unit trust funds are the investment schemes managed by the reputable Public Bank's Public Mutual.

In short, a unit trust is an investment tool that pools the money of many individual investors who aim to achieve similar investment objectives. It's really wonderful for people who have limited time, knowledge, and resources to invest in share markets, bond markets, or property markets to seek more value for their money.

Are you interested and want to know more about PUBLIC MUTUAL's unit trust funds?

Please feel free to contact me, Kamalia Contesa Binti Basar, at 0197450695 to set appointment or to arrange meeting regarding your financial plan. Thank you!

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